Illustrator, Colorist,
and Award-Winning Graphic Novelist

Eye Witness (Book Three): Rise of the Apostle


How did Dr. Harper escape certain death? Who’s really behind the numerous attempts on his life? Will he ever be able to share his amazing discovery of about the unknown Gospel, with the public? All of these questions and many more will be answered in the third book in the Eye Witness tetraology. Plus…experience the unprecedented look at the transformation and missions of the “Super Apostle“, Paul. Watch as he experiences beating, stoning and ship-wrecks to become God’s messenger to the Gentile world of the Roman empire.  Written and illustrated by Robert James Luedke.  Original release date 2008.

“Rise of the Apostle features a contemporary tale full of suspenseful action and cliff hangers. But Luedke has figured out a way to weave New Testament stories through his epic, as well. Think about a marriage of Indiana Jones and Eugene Peterson’s dramatically rewritten, “The Message New Testament Bible”.  Fresh, fun, faithful and frantically pulse- pounding”.  (David Crumm/

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