Illustrator, Colorist,
and Award-Winning Graphic Novelist

Eye Witness (Book Four): Unknown God


When it appeared forensic Archeologist, Dr. Terry Harper, had safely made it back to U.S. soil, he’s assassinated by a sniper’s bullet. In this fourth and final book of the Award-Winning Eye Witness graphic novel series, Harper’s allies make one final attempt to reveal the existence of the Gospel of Joseph of Arimathea. Unknown God takes the reader through a full color, fully illustrated roller-coaster ride with an unprecedented adaptation of the Book of Acts.  Written and illustrated by Robert James Luedke.  Original release date 2010.

“A masterful graphic version of THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD interwoven with a suspenseful modern tale smack out of today’s headlines.  Robert Luedke hits it out of the park.” (Gary Friedrich/Creator of Ghost Rider)

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