Illustrator, Colorist,
and Award-Winning Graphic Novelist

The Complete Template Collection


From December 1995 through August 1998, Robert (Bob The Artist) Luedke, embarked on his first self-publishing project, bringing the world of Template to life.   Through 9 total issues, he honed his sequential artistic skills and laid out a sci-fi world of the next step in human evolution…the “Psycho-Sapien,” (a concept which many in comics/tv/movies have borrowed from ever since).  In the process, he did some things no other indy publisher had tried up to that date.  Besides Luedke, other creators chipping into the finished works, include:  Michael Lagocki, Carlos Phoenix Jimenez, Kelsey Shannon, Eric Allen, John Woolley, David Bluestein, Barry & Jenny Gregory, Bill Maus and Samax Randolf.

It’s a wonderful look at the development of an artist and writer from his humble beginnings through his development, that is almost obvious even from one issue to the next.


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